Interview with Dale Rautenbach for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Closing the Plastics Cycle – A Review of Current Best Practice around the Whole Cycle…60 Seconds with Dale Rautenbach, Recycling Technologies

​Ahead of the forthcoming Closing the Plastics Cycle seminar, we caught up with Dale Rautenbach, Systems Engineer at Recycling Technologies. Dale explained her role and involvement with regards to the seminar, critical engineering challenges, what she is looking forward to at the event and why it is important for industry professionals to attend.

“Today, the most widely recycled plastics are PET drinks bottles and HDPE milk bottles. There is an urgent need to recycle a comprehensive range of plastics including those currently considered ‘hard to recycle’, such as crisp packets, films, plastic bags and laminated food pouches, and which today end up in landfill and incineration. What the ‘hard to recycle’ plastics currently lack is a value to the re-processors and waste collectors – this is where Recycling Technologies comes in.” – Dale Rautenbach

Read the full interview on the Institute of Mechanical Engineers here.

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