End-of-Life Plastic recycling

Sustainability as a Service™

Recycling Technologies provides a solution to chemically recycle End-of-Life Plastic back into a valuable low sulphur hydrocarbon we call Plaxx®.

This innovative service targets all industrial sectors that manage or produce End-of-Life Plastic. We provide an opportunity to improve services, reduce costs and meet our customers’ environmental commitments.

A blueprint for recycling unsorted plastic waste

Recycling Technologies has developed an innovative modular solution which converts End-of-Life Plastic into Plaxx. Our solution is to offer the RT7000 and operating personnel to offer a commercially viable solution that simplifies the disposal of waste plastic for our customers. Our aim is to make this approach the easiest and most profitable option for dealing with End-of-Life Plastic.

Modular approach – a distributed solution

The RT7000 has been designed as a transportable, modular, mass-producible unit, which allows it to be located on-site, largely avoiding costly transportation of low-density End-of-Life Plastic.

Recycling Technologies’ solution can therefore be adopted with little or no change in normal operation of waste handling facilities.

Who’s this for?

Our solutions addresses industries with streams of End-of-Life Plastic currently being sent to landfill or incineration plants. This includes but is not limited to landfill sites, materials recycling facilities (MRFs), plastics recycling facilities (PRFs), mechanical biological treatment plants (MBTs), paper packaging recyclers, anaerobic digesters (AD).

Patented technology

This approach to End-of-Life Plastic has already secured a UK patent and international applications have been filed.

It is evident that this technology should have financial, environmental and economic benefits, not only for Swindon Borough Council but further afield as well.Bernie Brannan, Board Director, Swindon Borough Council

Sustainability as a Service™

At Recycling Technologies, we believe plastic has a significant role to play for a sustainable future and we have developed a service that can recycle End-of-Life Plastic into a commercially valuable hydrocarbon product, called Plaxx.

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Sustainability as a Service™