Recycling Technologies provides innovative solutions to help customers achieve financial gains through turning Residual Plastic Waste into a valuable resource.

Our flagship machine, the RT7000, converts Residual Plastic Waste – that is currently disposed of in landfill or incinerators – into a valuable low sulphur hydrocarbon we call Plaxx™.

Depending on site and feedstock commitments, Recycling Technologies can offer a full conversion service or just provide and install its equipment.
Using Residual Plastic Waste feedstock, the WarwickFBR produces Plaxx™, a waxy substance that can be used as energy or refined as feedstock for producing plastic.
PRESS RELEASE: GLOUCESTER, 30 SEPTEMBER 2016. Recycling Technologies selected to participate in Unreasonable Impact, an accelerator programme for entrepreneurs tackling global challenges. READ FULL ARTICLE
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