Business Proposition

Recycling Technologies has engineered a modular and scalable machine – the RT7000 - to chemically convert plastic waste, which currently cannot be recycled, into Plaxx® - a valuable hydrocarbon product. The machine is sized to be installed at existing waste sites and recycling centres, diverting residual plastic waste from ending up landfilled, incinerated or exported overseas.

The RT7000 is broken down into modules, each module is built into a standard 20ft ISO shipping frame for ease of, mass-production in individual lines, transportation worldwide either by land or sea, and allowing for quick on-site installation. Recycling Technologies is engineering the RT7000 and developing the required technologies at its Facility in Swindon, UK.

The company intends to integrate into current recycling infrastructure by scaling out. Our mission is to build 1300 RT7000 machines in the next decade, to underpin our mission of producing 7 million tonnes of Plaxx® by 2027. In doing so, we will add 10 million tonnes of recycling capacity.

It is evident that this technology should have financial, environmental and economic benefits, not only for Swindon Borough Council but further afield as well.Bernie Brannan, Corporate Director, Swindon Borough Council

Plastic waste handling facilities Looking to...

  • Find a recycling solution to the streams that are currently being sent to landfill or incineration, moving up the waste hierarchy
  • Mitigate against the costs associated with disposal of residual plastic waste and increasing landfill tax
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the waste management sector

Local authorities Looking to...

  • Simplify the collection and sorting system of their local waste
  • Provide an easier and more effective solution to their households and businesses
  • Meet national recycling and CO2 reduction targets

Petrochemical industries Looking to...

  • Meet their customers’ demand for recycled products and packaging
  • Early adopt a circular crude oil equivalent within their feedstock for plastic and wax production
  • Take a lead in sustainable development within their industrial sector