The RT7000: Engineering

The first section of an RT7000 is the pre-treatment and materials separation unit: 9,000 tpa of residual plastic waste is reduced to 7,000 tpa via the removal of moisture, biomass and inert materials.

Module 1: Thermal Cracker
  • A fluidised bed containing of hot thermo-granules continuously circulating from/to the Regenerator
  • Heat transferred into the plastic cracks long-chain molecules into shorter-chain hydrocarbons
  • Hydrocarbon vapour is treated to remove solids and refined to remove unwanted chemicals
  • Controlling the temperature and flow allows different volumes of individual Plaxx fractions to be produced.
Module 2: Regenerator
  • Light hydrocarbon gas (e.g. methane, ethane) from the distillation modules arrives into the Regenerator
  • Used as a fuel to heat the thermo-granules to 850-900°C for circulation back to the Thermal Cracker.
Module 3: Plaxx Distillation
  • Hydrocarbon vapour from the Thermal Cracker is condensed into Plaxx and discharged to storage.
Module 4: Light Gas Distillation
  • Light hydrocarbon gas is distilled and fed into the Regenerator.
Module 5: Flue Gas Treatment
  • Any remaining gas in the Regenerator is passed into the Flue Gas Treatment module for clean-up already available on site.

RT7000 technical parameters

The RT7000 comprises 5 modules, each built into standard 20ft ISO frames:

  • Each module is mass-manufactured in dedicated single piece flow assembly lines
  • All RT7000’s modules can be turned horizontally to fit into standard shipping containers
  • Standardisation of dimensions allows for ease of transportation across land and sea
  • Plug-and-play onsite installation supported by the Operations team
  • 24/7 system monitoring and remote chemical engineering support provided by a centralised team
  • Multiple RT7000 units can be installed in parallel to increase recycling capacity
  • Can be deployed rapidly across different geographies.
Annual capacity (wet weight)9,000 t
Annual capacity (dry weight)7,000 t
Throughput1 t/h
Annual Plaxx production5,200 t
TechnologyThermal Cracking
Energy efficiency85%
Overall equipment effectiveness80%
Technical lifetime20 years

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