Plaxx® Fractions

Plaxx is a ultra low sulphur oil, cut into four fractions. These have applications in multiple industrial sectors and can be sold individually or combined dependent on the drives of the local market place.

We hope that through connecting with this Award we can […] help demonstrate that plastic is a circular resource – something that is increasingly critical to the future success of this industry. Use of recycled content is an automatic requirement not a choice within a circular economy and we need to see significant progress in the use of recycled plastics in manufacturing.STUART FOSTER, CEO OF RECOUP

Plaxx comprises several hydrocarbon fractions which can be sold separately or as a whole. Target application are as a recycled feedstock for production of plastics and as a wax.


Plaxx®: Industrial Applications

Target end markets for Plaxx fractions:

  • The blend of Plaxx-8, Plaxx-16 and Plaxx-30 as feedstock for steam cracking in the plastics production chain
  • Plaxx-50 as a petroleum wax in packaging, cosmetics and other applications

Both of these applications allow Plaxx to be used as a highly-desirable recycled petroleum feedstock.

Alternative end markets for Plaxx fractions*:

  • Plaxx-16 as Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil (LS MGO) for the shipping industry, MARPOL-compliant
  • Plaxx-30 as Low Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil (LS HFO) for use in engines/burners
  • The blend of Plaxx-8, Plaxx-16, Plaxx-30 and Plaxx-50 as LS HFO for use in engines/burners with modified fuel delivery systems

Fuel applications represent Plaxx being used as a recovered material and are relevant where the RT7000 is located too far from a petrochemical refinery for transport to be economic and/or environmentally desirable.

*If Plaxx will be used as fuel, that would be classified as recovery and not recycling.