Plaxx is our registered trademark for the hydrocarbon product produced from End-of-Life Plastic waste. Plaxx can be graded according to customer requirements ranging from light oils to solid waxes.

Technical parameters

Our patented process combines thermal cracking with intelligent process control, producing a spectrum of products that are classified into four distinct groups.

Plaxx-8 is a highly paraffinic naphtha equivalent product suitable for polymer manufacturers as feedstock for plastic production.

Plaxx-16 is a range of ultra clean and low sulphur fuel oils. They are available in multiple grades for both marine and industrial applications. They are compliant with the 2020 MARPOL1 Sulphur fuel limits and MCPD2 industrial combustion limits.

Plaxx-30 is our Low Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil (LS HFO)

Plaxx-50 is our range of highly paraffinic slack waxes for further industrial refining.

Plaxx specifications available on request

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