Plaxx® is the output oil created from the RT7000. It is a recycled hydrocarbon feedstock for the manufacturing of new virgin quality plastics.

Plaxx® is not intended for use as a fuel, but rather to introduce circular economy principles to the plastics value chain and contribute to a world where plastics can be recycled and re-made more sustainably.

Industrial Applications

Target end markets for Plaxx

The RT7000 produces two fractions of Plaxx: a solid one, equivalent to wax, and a liquid one, equivalent to oil.

The solid Plaxx is a wax equivalent that can be used in packaging, cosmetics, and other applications. The liquid Plaxx is a crude oil equivalent which, after refinement, can be used as a feedstock to create virgin quality plastics.

Both of these applications allow Plaxx to be used as a highly-desirable recycled hydrocarbon feedstock.

We hope that through connecting with this Award we can […] help demonstrate that plastic is a circular resource – something that is increasingly critical to the future success of this industry. Use of recycled content is an automatic requirement not a choice within a circular economy and we need to see significant progress in the use of recycled plastics in manufacturing.STUART FOSTER, CEO OF RECOUP