Synthetic, clean hydrocarbon

Synthetic, clean hydrocarbon

Plaxx® is a low sulphur crude oil equivalent, well suited to a range of industrial applications. It consists of four cuts: naphtha substitute/light oil (Plaxx-8), low sulphur heavy fuel oil (Plaxx-16), base oil (Plaxx-30), and wax (Plaxx-50).

Recycling Technologies’ eco-innovative products will contribute to the growth of a circular economy by partly displacing the use of virgin crude oil with Plaxx in the increasing demand for plastic products. As a consequence, all four Plaxx products come with reduced carbon footprint when compared to their fossil-fuel based equivalent.

Plaxx characteristics by industry

Plastics industry (naphtha substitute / light oil)

We are engaged with plastics manufacturers and petrochemical companies to trial Plaxx-8 as a feedstock for virgin plastic production, propelling the circular economy. Petrochemical facilities are looking to increase the recycled content of their end products.


  • Feedstock for petrochemical plants
Plaxx for the plastics industry

Plaxx-8 (Naphta / Light Oils)

Low sulphur marine gas oil

We are providing Plaxx-16 as a clean fuel compliant with the MARPOL Regulation for marine operators and Medium Combustion Plant directives. Plaxx-16 is a low sulphur higher viscosity and competitive substitute to Marine Gas Oils.


  • Fuel for marine engines
  • Large-scale heat and energy generation
PLaxx for marine and industry

Plaxx-16 (Marine & Industrial LSHFO)

Low sulphur heavy fuel oil

We are offering Plaxx-30 as a low sulphur heavy fuel oil.


Wax and coatings industry (wax)

We are developing Plaxx-50 as a commodity paraffinic wax.


  • Feedstock for coatings and environmental protection
  • Feedstock for injection moulding and mould release
  • Bitumen modifiers
  • Candles
Plax for wax and coatings

Plaxx-50 (Wax & Coatings)

Plaxx certification

As a synthetic, ultra-low sulphur hydrocarbon, Plaxx is being tailored to meet industrial HFO BS:2869 and ISO:8217 standards.