Recycling Technologies was featured on BBC Sunday Politics West

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Adrian Griffiths was interviewed by Dan O’Brien as part of a segment looking at the impact that plastic waste has on our economy and environment, as well as what Recycling Technologies is doing to help bring plastic back into a circular economy. Report courtesy of Dan O’Brien. Footage from BBC Sunday Politics West, Copyright BBC 2018

Could China’s import ban create a step change for UK recycling

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According to the Local Government Association, this limited compliance scheme generated £111m in 2013, of which just £37m went towards collection. In contrast, it costs local authorities £550m to collect and sort packaging material. Evidently, the recommendations are being echoed by the sector. “With China’s import bans on plastic waste and demand for plastics growing exponentially, there is a pressing …

Blog Feature: I just want to say one word to you: plastics

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We need: a dramatic increase in recycling capacity; new techniques for recycling plastics particularly when its mixed with other materials … Recycling Technologies, turning waste plastic into a valuable low Sulphur hydrocarbon called Plaxx®. Recycling Technologies mentioned in ClearlySo’s online blog. Read the full post here.

Adrian Griffiths talks to Graham Rogers on BBC Radio Wiltshire about our solution to make recycling easier for everyone

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With plastic being featured heavily in the news recently, Adrian Griffiths was invited to talk with Graham Rogers on BBC Radio Wiltshire about where the problem with plastic lies, and how Recycling Technologies’ RT7000 will be able to recycle all types of plastic, including those currently considered to be un-recyclable, making recycling easy for everyone. Listen to the full interview …

Marie Lennon of BBC Radio Wiltshire visits the Recycling Technologies pilot plant at the Swindon Recycling Centre

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BBC Radio Wiltshire presenter Marie Lennon visited Recycling Technologies in Swindon for a tour of the offices and pilot plant. CEO Adrian Griffiths gives a overview of what Recycling Technologies is working on at the moment and some of the problems faced by the recycling industry with regards to plastic, and what the RT7000 will be able to handle. You …

Major growth plans for award-winning Plaxx technology

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At the 2017 Plastics Industry Awards staged in London, the prize for best recycled product has gone to Recycling Technologies of Swindon for its Plaxx innovation – said to the first hydrocarbon feedstock derived from residual waste plastic using a continuous process that can be based at a waste operator’s site. Read the full article here.

No silver bullet, but green shoots of change for plastics recycling

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Consumer and producer responsibility, increasing quality and quantity of collected material, creating demand through recycled content and innovative thinking were all part of the discussion for the record numbers attending the RECOUP annual conference. BP&R looks at the key highlights from the event. The opportunities presented by new alternative processes was highlighted by Adrian Griffiths of Recycling Technologies, who shared …

Teach yourself to . . . get a grant from Innovate UK

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Trying to raise money for early-stage ideas in technology or science used to be a fool’s errand. Now there are government funds available through organisations such as Innovate UK, which was set up to improve productivity by supporting science and technology companies. Read the full article here.