Waste plastic recycling in Europe to get a boost

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A newly opened facility in the UK will triple Europe’s plastic waste recycling. Recycling Technologies, a waste plastic recycling business, has officially opened its new facility in Swindon, UK. This new facility will be used to make its plastic waste reprocessing machines, which are expected to increase Europe’s ability to recycle plastic waste by three times its current capacity. Read …

New HQ Opening featured by BBC, Let’s Recycle and many more

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After a hugely successful launch of the new headquarters for Recycling Technologies in Swindon, UK, many news sites have shared our story and published their reports of the day. Read the clip on the BBC here Read the article on Let’s Recycle here Read the article on Packaging Europe here

Swindon firm Recycling Technologies aims to rid world of plastic with RT7000

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“A SWINDON recycling firm is poised to save the world’s oceans and rivers from the scourge of plastic.” “Recycling Technologies, based in South Marston, is set to go into commercial production of its RT7000 machine which transforms plastic films and trays back into oil. “The new manufacturing plant, which officially opens this week, will make 1,300 patented machines before 2027, …

UK plastic packaging tax proposal receives mixed reception

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“Adrian Griffiths, CEO and founder of Recycling Technologies, speaking on BBC Radio 4 noted that the UK “recycles” 1.05 million mt of plastic waste each year, but that there is only capacity in the UK to process around 350,000 mt. So, the remaining waste simply gets exported, mainly to Asia.” Read the full feature report on S&P Global here.

Plastic: Recycling the unrecyclable

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“Plastic waste is a problem, a huge one. Only 10% of plastic is recycled, the remaining 90% is buried, burnt or worse, dispersed in the oceans and environment. What if technology could convert ‘unrecyclable’ plastic waste back into the oil from which it came? “Plastic is everywhere. Plastic products are found in packaging, healthcare, construction, micro-plastics, automotive parts, coffee cups …

UK to introduce plastics tax for packaging by April 2022

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The UK plans to introduce a plastics tax on all packaging that does not include at least 30 per cent recycled material, a move welcomed by the industry as a “much-needed change”. Recycling Technologies welcomes the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s proposed new tax on plastic packaging manufacture and import that contains less than 30% recycled plastic content and review of …

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation – Drawing a Line In The Sand

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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation should be applauded for this initiative; they have brought together important stakeholders in the plastic economy to stop this needless and harmful waste of plastic resources. Plastic is a wonderful material with considerable untapped economic and social value lost through incomplete recycling systems and the best way to address its waste is to add to its …