Senior CAD Engineer

Role type: Permanent rolesDepartment: EngineeringDate Posted: Location: Swindon HQRef Num: ENG-008-2021

The role of the Snr CAD Engineer within the team would be to lead the CAD development of the design of one of Recycling Technologies commercial or pilot scale projects. This would involve the development of the 3D Model and 2D drawings either as part of individual equipment design or on design of the overall modules.

The job will involve working independently on model design as well as organising and managing inter-discipline reviews of equipment design and completed models. The candidate should be comfortable both in individual working and working with a team to achieve a common objective. In order to progress towards a mass manufacturable design, the candidate will need to have a high attention to detail when developing the 3D model. The candidate would also be expected to review other’s work and should have a good understanding of the range of design considerations within 3D model development (Mechanical, Electrical, piping and Structural).

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain 3D model (using SolidEdge) from supplier and RT drawings (General assembly / fabrication) as well as the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) and electrical drawings (Single Line Diagram, Block Cable Diagrams).
  • Layouts & Planning Application Drawings
  • Engineering Quality System – Document / drawing registers, design system forms, change control systems, bills of materials.
  • Manage and document all input data and working assumptions.
  • Assist and lead aspects of the 3D design of RT’s facilities, Produce technical specifications and reports for projects.
  • Produce Bill of Materials in conjunction with the drawings.
  • Define Technical issues and develop solutions. This should involve being able to propose different conceptual layouts and designs and discuss the merits and limitations of each with respect to the project design hierarchy.
  • Support the manufacture, assembly, installation & commissioning of RT machines.
  • Assist with the development of design standards, specifications, and ways of working within the CAD team.

Necessary Skills

  • Recognised Qualification and Experience in CAD design using 3D modelling software or relevant engineering degree (e.g Mechanical, Aerospace).
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in detailed design engineering.
  • Working knowledge of SolidEdge st10
  • Full understanding of technical drawings and able to read and translate drawings into designs, such as; P&ID, GA, Fabrication Drawings, Piping Isometrics, Single Line Diagrams, Wiring Diagrams etc.
  • Good understanding of technical drawing standards, preferably BS8888.
  • Proficiency working in a team environment with cross-functional groups to achieve significant goals under tight time and financial pressures.
  • Interpersonal skills needed to develop the solutions in harmony with RT’s operations, manufacturing, and R&D teams.
  • Experience in the layout of equipment, pipework, electrical and control components as part of a complete 3D model Development.
  • Experience in assisting or leading in model reviews.
  • Able to manage multiple simultaneous tasks/projects during design, construction, and operational phases.
  • Good personal time management and organization with all working assumptions and design decisions well documented and controlled in line with the company’s design standards and specifications.
  • Good communication skills at all levels.


  • Ability to teach others in the use of Solid Edge.
  • Experience in coaching and mentoring of more junior staff members.
  • Experience in CAD support to manufacturing and operations.
  • Experience in reviewing and approving 2D drawings and / or 3D models by others.
  • Experience of electrical and control system design and the critical factors to consider when doing cable routing.
  • Project Management experience as a technical lead / CAD lead or a suitable project management qualification. This should include developing the CAD deliverables plan including resource and time requirements.
  • Experience in the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Solids Handling or waste industry.
  • A Good understanding of cross functional requirements within the design of equipment accounting for engineering, manufacturing, logistics and operational requirements.
  • Good understanding of computational software particularly around the interaction of different software packages with each other and how these can be developed to minimize engineering hours within project delivery.
  • Good understanding of typical engineering project deliverables throughout the various project phases, their purpose, and interactions.

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