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Project Finance Manager

Date Posted: Location: SwindonRef Num: FIN-007-2019

The business is looking for an experienced Project Finance Manager who can lead in implementing the finance team’s strategy for raising project finance.

The company is looking to develop multiple projects for the RT7000 machine, which are to be located across the UK and Europe. To fund these projects, the company plans to raise debt funding at a project level which would enable it to accelerate the rate of deployment of these machines.

The Project Finance Manager will work closely with the Finance Director and Commercial Director and is a pivotal new function for the business. The successful candidate will play a key role in identifying funding partners and ensuring that project contracts are appropriately structured to maximise debt capacity, and that the project finance strategy fits within the overall funding strategy of the company. The Project Finance Manager will have an excellent opportunity to develop the function from scratch and at the same time arrange debt finance for very innovative projects that are aiming to solve one of key global challenges.

This role will appeal to a candidate who is looking to join an entrepreneurial and fast-growing business and who enjoys working autonomously in a pressurised environment, taking personal responsibility to drive improvements. Beyond the initial phase of company projects, the position will develop into a much broader role that is not only ensure ongoing contractual compliance for multiple projects but also enable third party sales.  Setting up a robust and scalable process that would enable the company offer its customers, located across the globe, a financing option to fund their purchase of a machine is seen as a key enabler of our sales strategy. It will be an excellent opportunity for a candidate to join a company that is about to go through a tremendous growth phase, with aspirations to become a listed company in the near future.

  • Originate / develop the structure and contractual arrangements needed to secure project finance on RT70000 projects.
  • Advice the commercial team in negotiating the key contracts needed for setting up a RT7000 project.
  • Proactively identify good potential debt partners interested to fund innovative projects and take the lead in developing these relationships.
  • Negotiate the project financing terms and secure a debt facility for multiple projects.
  • Support the finance team in developing an overall funding strategy for the company.
  • Actively contribute to the development of the company’s strategic plan for funding, evaluating the cost of debt financing options.
  • Produce detailed cash flow financial models at an individual project level and consolidated level that identify the debt capacity of the projects, their sensitivity to key assumptions and project level returns.
  • Provide support and guidance in negotiating joint venture arrangements with commercial partners.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with debt covenant monitoring and reporting.
  • Identify opportunities for restructuring the debt, as the risk profile of the technology decreases.
  • Conduct an ongoing risk analysis for the RT7000 projects funded through debt.
  • Develop a debt financing package that can be offered to the customers of RT7000 machines to fund their purchase.
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