Manufacturing & Operations

Plant Operator

Date Posted: Location: SwindonRef Num: OPS-005-2019

As Plant Operator you will be key member of Operations Team responsible for operating RT’s Beta Plant in all four of its key roles.

  1. It encompasses a commercial scale, live site, test bed for the development and commercial scale proving of our technologies and processes.
  2. It is a commercial scale manufacturing plant where product development and production trials are undertaken
  3. It is a technology showcase, a venue that RT will use to demonstrate our technologies to clients, investors, regulatory authorities and other key stakeholders
  4. It is a technology knowledge transfer and training centre, somewhere we will bring engineering, operations and manufacturing teams and new starters for training and the sharing of best practice

You will be part of the Beta Plant Operations Team, that will consist of 15 Operators on a 3 x 5 shift system.

As a Plant Operator you will be a role model for RT. The beta plant is a global showcase, a training centre and an engineering test bed. Plant Operators will need to be real team players, sociable and approachable open to new ideas, cultures and ways of working.

They will be champions for:

  • Our customers, our teams and our bottom line, simultaneously
  • Our core process and standard work flows
  • Industry best practice, regulatory compliance and health and safety
  • Continuous improvement and the expansion of our capabilities

Working as part of the Beta Plant operations system you will be responsible for:

  • Material preparation – Batch control, warehouse activities, processing and quality management of input material (plastic waste)
  • Awareness of Health and Safety
  • Maintaining – Daily, weekly and monthly checks and servicing of the core and ancillary processing equipment
  • Operating on a 24/7 shift-based during normal, trial and customer runs
  • Upgrading – When the plant is not in operation it is likely to be undergoing engineering change or being prepared for a trial run.
  • Working with and supporting R&D and Engineering development teams to upgrade and prepare assets for trials and implementation
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