Manufacturing & Operations

Manufacturing Technician – Electrical

Date Posted: Ref Num: MAN-019-2018

Maintaining and developing our Beta Plant. This will include – (1) problem solving and incremental improvement, (2) conducting routine maintenance and (3) supporting the design and implementation of planned Engineering upgrades.

You will support our Engineering team with the design of electrical system for the RT7000 machine and follow this through build/testing the machine and commissioning on-site. As the RT7000 design matures the emphasis of your work will move towards production test, problem solving and incremental product/process improvement.

Beta Plant

  • Problem solving and incremental improvement.
  • Completing and developing routine maintenance.
  • Support the planning and hands-on implementation of Engineering upgrades.


  • Work with our suppliers and Electrical Engineers to optimise the design for manufacture and test of the electrical system.
  • Support our Manufacturing Engineers with the design of the assembly and test process.
  • Hands-on building and testing the RT7000’s with increasing emphasis on test as the product matures.
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