Analytical Chemist

Role type: Permanent rolesDepartment: Engineering, Operations, R&DDate Posted: Location: Swindon HQRef Num: ENG-009-2020

As an experienced Analytical Chemist in a rapidly growing organisation, you will use your expertise in performing analytical research and managing Lab instruments to support RT’s R&D, Engineering and Operations teams. You will be responsible for designing and setting up research Labs, developing analytical methods and using the Lab facilities for testing and characterisation of waste plastic mixtures, Plaxx® products, effluent streams and hydrocarbon gases.

Key Responsibilities

  • To develop, receive, set-up and maintain Lab equipment and instruments.
  • Maintain the Lab equipment, rigs and instruments in good conditions and ensuring that all Lab operations and testing meet the relevant ISO/IEC/EN standards.
  • Responsible for safe work practices and maintain a safe work environment by sustaining a clean and orderly Lab and observing RT’s safety rules to ensure compliance with HSE regulations.
  • Maintain 5S standard in the Labs.
  • To perform samples testing included plastics, Plaxx® products, effluents, hydrocarbon gases using standard methods and to develop new methods and protocols.
  • Perform chemical analysis using wet chemistry methods and analytical instruments including TGA, GC, GC-MS, GC-FID, column chromatography and bomb calorimetry etc.
  • To perform sample and reagent preparation and standardisation of standards prepared.
  • Implement QA/QC processes for all testing and analytical instruments.
  • Ensure all laboratory documents are in a constant state of regulatory compliance and inspection readiness.
  • Ensure chemicals and consumables required for the Labs are always available and replenished when necessary.
  • Provide and maintain detailed documentation and procedures for all work in the Lab including appropriate COSHHs, risk assessments and SOPs.
  • Other ad hoc activities assigned such as participation in research projects and cross functional activities.
  • Ensure that all assigned work is delivered in a timely and costly manner and all associated requirements, objectives and targets are fully met.
  • Provide expert advice on future lab improvements, testing expansion and new instruments acquisitions in line with RT business objectives in support of R&D, Engineering and Operations.

Position Skills

  • Have experience working in an analytical Lab environment using, setting-up and maintaining equipment and instruments such as TGA, GC, GC-MS, GC-FID, column chromatography and bomb calorimetry etc.
  • Extensive experience in Analytical Sciences or Analytical Instrumentation is desirable.
  • BSc, MSc degree or PhD in Chemistry or related science subject.
  • The familiarity of scientific methods for collecting and analysing scientific data preferred.
  • Sampling and knowledge of chemical materials use, storage & shipping requirements preferred.
  • Technical writing ability preferred. Supported evidence through publications.
  • Be highly self-motivated, with the ability to work with minimum supervision, seeking out support from colleagues as needed and train new personnel, junior staff on lab activities.
  • Communicate clearly and be proactive, maintaining detailed records on all work underway.
  • Work to tight deadlines and ensure clarity and quality of documentation.