Problem solvers and creative thinkers.
Environmentalists and financiers.
Engineers and new business builders.

We look for exceptional people from every background: whether you are a student, a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Recycling Technologies can give you the chance to work at the forefront of innovation.

Engineering & Technical

Because we are developing exciting, new cutting edge innovative technology, sometimes the learning curve is steep. Sharing resources across departments becomes the key to move fast and we all need to stay flexible. We get stuck in at the plant and no job is beneath us. Despite age, experience, seniority, we all put on overalls, swing spanners or pick up a broom when needed – I just love it.


Systems Engineer

Manufacturing & Operations

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a whole range of new skills and work alongside completely different teams: that’s what makes every day different and never boring. For anyone wanting to join us, I say to go for it! The reward? Working on a project with huge environmental impact, learning from top experts and growing at a sensational pace.


Graduate Trainee Engineer

Finance & Administration

I have always dreamt of working for a company that can have a positive impact on the environment and the world we live in. I believe Recycling Technologies is that company, achieving minimal end-of-life treatment costs against maximum environmental recovery. It is the passion for what we do and how we function as one team which makes me happy to be on this journey.


Management Accountant

Sales, Marketing & Commercial

It’s amazing how such a young company can get the level of exposure that we are now achieving – BBC, Bloomberg, Times – and the interest keeps building. The story of taking plastic back to oil and recycling the ‘unrecyclable’ plastics, is so compelling. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest challenges of our time and I simply could not miss the opportunity to be part of the change.


Communications Manager