Recycling Technologies has developed a machine, the RT7000, to turn plastic waste back into valuable oil, we call Plaxx®.

Adrian Griffiths, CEO & Founder

“Welcome to Recycling Technologies. With crowdfunding, we are incredibly excited about making it possible for everyone to be part of the future of plastic recycling. Our RT7000 machine recycles all types of plastic, including films, lids and crisp packets. Soon it will be easier for us all to recycle more.

Since forming the company, we have raised over £4.4m in grant funding and £5m in equity from the team and angel investors to develop and patent our chemical recycling process, build and run our beta plant and produce award-winning Plaxx® from plastic waste.

We are now ready to start building the first commercial RT7000. To help us do this we are raising investment on Crowdcube – the UK’s leading equity crowdfunding platform. It is easy to use and eligible investors may qualify for EIS tax relief.

Thank you to existing investors for your support. Thank you to new investors; we look forward to welcoming you to the company.”

Join us to change the story of plastic and make it possible to recycle more plastic waste

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards

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The Problem

Plastic is fantastic, until it becomes waste. Only 10% of the world’s plastic waste is recycled. Most is buried, burnt or worse still, is lost into the environment and oceans.

Plastic films, laminated plastics such as crisp packets and black plastics are difficult to recycle with existing technologies.

The Solution

Recycling Technologies has developed and patented a plastic recycling machine called the RT7000.

RT7000 actively targets difficult to recycle plastic films, laminated plastics like crisp packets and pouches and black plastics.

We recycle waste plastic back to oil, we call Plaxx®, which can be used in new plastic production, as fuel oils and as wax in industry.

The RT7000 is modular and easily transported anywhere in the world where plastic waste accumulates. Our approach is to capture market opportunity by mass producing RT7000s and installing them worldwide, starting in the UK.

The company has a long term contract in place for the wax proportion of Plaxx® and a pipeline of interested waste site operators wanting to install an RT7000 and recycle more plastics.

Be a plastics hero! With an investment of just £60 in an RT7000, offset your yearly plastics footprint forever.

On average, everyone in the UK uses nearly 80kg of plastics each year. A £1 investment in an RT7000 machine, is equivalent to 1.31kg of recycled plastic.

Invest in the future of plastics recycling.
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What people are saying about Recycling Technologies

“We are now witnessing a sea change in the economic case of this conversion and Recycling Technologies is at the forefront of it.”

Peter Jones OBE
Ex Biffa Waste Services

“Recycling Technologies has excellent management, a great machine, and very strong environmental benefits. It is the right time moving from start-up to scale-up.”

Damian Tuite
Existing Investor

“Its tremendously good news that Recycling Technologies has a solution that provides a useful commodity to the plastics industry to use again and again. And the oceans need good news.”

Roz Savage MBE
Ocean Rower, Author

“This innovative chemical technology will enable councils to recycle more plastic waste from household, commercial and agricultural sectors and should enable us to improve services, reduce costs and meet environmental commitments.”

Bernie Brannan
Swindon Borough Council

Partners and awards

To help you understand the risks involved when investing in shares on Crowdcube, please visit and #investaware. Capital at Risk.

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