3rd May 2022

Thermal Cracker Reactor, first RT7000 vessel has been delivered to Binn Farm, Scotland

Last week, Recycling Technologies came one step closer to closing the loop on plastic waste, with the delivery of the first RT7000 vessel – our unique Thermal Cracker Reactor.

Binn Farm, Scotland, May 2022

Langfields, specialist fabricators for process plants, have delivered the Thermal Cracker Reactor of the first RT7000 to its final destination at Binn Farm in Scotland. RT and Langfields worked closely together to design and manufacture the carbon steel vessel to meet global standards and include unique features such as specialist exotic metal nozzles, a refractory concrete lining, and a custom body flange design. Together, we solved engineering and manufacturing challenges throughout the process.

The Thermal Cracker Reactor leaves Langfields

The delivery of the Thermal Cracker Reactor signifies a huge achievement for all teams involved and is the result of hard work, determination, and innovation.

The Thermal Cracker Reactor arrives at Binn Farm
The Thermal Cracker Reactor at Binn Farm

Dale Rautenbach, Manufacturing Director at Recycling Technologies added:

“The completion of the Thermal Cracker Reactor is a critical and exciting milestone for RT. It has been a great experience working with the Langfields’ team to finish the design of the vessel and follow it through the stages of manufacture. We are looking forward to growing the relationship we have cultivated on future projects.”

David Hind, Dunfermline Facility Manager, commented on the completion of the project:

“The completion of this project is a proud moment for all at the Dunfermline facility and we are delighted to have further developed our relationship with Recycling Technologies. We look forward to supporting their projects in the future that continue to innovate and push boundaries.”

We are excited to share the progress of the first RT7000 build which will increase recycling capacity, create a circular economy for plastic waste, and contribute to solving the global plastic pollution crisis.


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About Recycling Technologies

UK-based Recycling Technologies Ltd is on a mission to accelerate the evolution of plastic into a more sustainable

About Recycling Technologies UK-based Recycling Technologies Ltd is on a mission to accelerate the evolution of plastic into a more sustainable material. Currently, 88% of the plastic used in the world is either buried, burned, or leaked into the environment. This means that the world recycles only 12% of the plastic waste produced each year. Recycling Technologies, a research, engineering, and manufacturing company, has developed innovative technologies to turn hard-to-recycle plastic waste including polystyrene and flexible packaging into feedstocks for new plastic production. Our first commercial product, the RT7000, is modular and small-scale, designed to fit easily onto existing waste treatment and recycling sites, providing a scalable solution to recycle waste plastic anywhere in the world.

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