Changing the future of food and drink. Tuesday Nov 19th Gallery Room 9. “Everyday sustainability: shifting consumer awareness to genuine action for change”

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Event Title:Food Matters Live 2019 - Changing the future of food and drinkLocation:LondonDate:19–20 Nov 2019Find Us:Speaking

Consumer awareness around single-use plastics and the wider sustainability agenda had a pivotal moment in 2018 as the Blue Planet effect and the ensuing high-profile anti-plastic campaigns moved the debate into the mainstream. While awareness is clearly at an all time high, how far is this translating into genuine action designed to support long-term sustainable change by both corporates and consumers? Learning lessons from Sweden, this session will look at how far we’ve come in moving mindsets on reusables and recycling, exploring the current limitations and what more needs to be done to remove the barriers to action.

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