North Wiltshire company on the cusp of plastic solution

Wiltshire and Gloucester Standard News Centre

We have all seen the David Attenborough documentary Blue Planet 2 showing the apocalypse that is waiting for us as plastics choke the seas, strangling turtles and filling the gullets of sea birds and fish.

How wonderful then, that in our own back yard, a British Company is on the cusp of finding a solution to this man-made disaster, by not only finding a way to deal with waste plastic of all kinds, including all the nasty stuff that we have been told cannot be recycled: black plastic, plastic wrappers, plastic bags, crisp packets, yoghurt pots even with food residue present.

But a way of doing this that is offering tens of jobs to local people, which is likely to go to hundreds of jobs, as the process becomes more widely known, and demand for the plants takes off, not only in this country, but around the world.

Read the full article online at Wiltshire and Gloucester Standard here.

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