Plastics recycling paradigm shift will create Winners and Losers

ICIS Chemical Business News Centre

A paradigm shift is underway in the plastics industry as public concern mounts over the impact of plastic waste on the oceans and the environment.

Recycling Technologies Non-Executive Director Paul Hodges wrote a cover article for the ICIS Chemical Business magazine, discussing the implications of the recent plastics recycling paradigm shift and the impact this will have on the industry as it shifts focus from upstream feed-stock issues to downstream market issues and sustainability.

As National Geographic has reported, the world has produced around 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic over the past 60 years, and only 9 per cent of this has been recycled. This is a shocking waste of a valuable resource. The paradigm shift now underway is well overdue and should prove very profitable for those companies prepared to seize the opportunities it creates.

Read the full article on ICIS Chemcial Business.

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