Global Plastic Waste to Oil Report

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Top manufacturers in global Plastic Waste to Oil industry, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer, covering Agilyx, Nexus Fuels, Plastic Advanced Recycling Corporation, Vadxx, Clean Blue Technologies, MK Aromatics, Plastic2Oil, Recycling Technologies, PLASTIC ENERGY, PK Clean. Read the full report here.

Recycling Technologies featured on BBC radio 4 PM

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BBC Radio 4: PM featured a summary piece on the problems with plastic and some of the ways people are dealing with the over-use of plastic as well as how to deal with the problems that waste plastic pose for the environment. The report produced earlier this month by Chris Vallance was featured in this summary piece, with Adrian Griffiths …

Company hits crowdfunding goal for product designed to convert plastic to oil

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Just 10 percent of plastic that is produced globally is recycled, the rest ends up in landfills, is incinerated or is lost in the environment, including our oceans. With demand for plastics growing exponentially, there is a pressing need to rapidly increase plastic recycling capability, according to Recycling Technologies. Swindon, England-based Recycling Technologies has developed and patented a plastics recycling …

Recycling Technologies featured in BBC News report for Business Briefing

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Adrian Griffiths was interviewed by BBC reporter, Vivienne Nunis, as part of a report for Business Briefing that looked at the growing problem of plastic waste and what some companies are doing to help stem the tide through innovative recycling techniques as well as through innovations in food packaging. Report courtesy of Vivienne Nunis. Footage from BBC Business Briefing, Copyright …

Adrian Griffiths and Dale Rautenbach interviewed on Radio 4 for PM

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Adrian Griffiths and Dale Rautenbach were interviewed as part of a report from Chris Vallance for the BBC Radio 4 program, PM. This report came as part of an ongoing series looking at the benefits and problems of plastic and plastic waste and what we can do to help mitigate the problems whilst enjoying the positives that plastic offers. Listen …

Recycling Technologies was featured on BBC Sunday Politics West

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Adrian Griffiths was interviewed by Dan O’Brien as part of a segment looking at the impact that plastic waste has on our economy and environment, as well as what Recycling Technologies is doing to help bring plastic back into a circular economy. Report courtesy of Dan O’Brien. Footage from BBC Sunday Politics West, Copyright BBC 2018

Could China’s import ban create a step change for UK recycling

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According to the Local Government Association, this limited compliance scheme generated £111m in 2013, of which just £37m went towards collection. In contrast, it costs local authorities £550m to collect and sort packaging material. Evidently, the recommendations are being echoed by the sector. “With China’s import bans on plastic waste and demand for plastics growing exponentially, there is a pressing …

Blog Feature: I just want to say one word to you: plastics

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We need: a dramatic increase in recycling capacity; new techniques for recycling plastics particularly when its mixed with other materials … Recycling Technologies, turning waste plastic into a valuable low Sulphur hydrocarbon called Plaxx®. Recycling Technologies mentioned in ClearlySo’s online blog. Read the full post here.