Major growth plans for award-winning Plaxx technology

At the 2017 Plastics Industry Awards staged in London, the prize for best recycled product has gone to Recycling Technologies of Swindon for its Plaxx innovation – said to the first hydrocarbon feedstock derived from residual waste plastic using a continuous process that can be based at a waste operator’s site. Read the full article here.

Teach yourself to . . . get a grant from Innovate UK

Trying to raise money for early-stage ideas in technology or science used to be a fool’s errand. Now there are government funds available through organisations such as Innovate UK, which was set up to improve productivity by supporting science and technology companies. Read the full article here.

Best Recycled Product – The Plastics Industry Awards 2017

Winner Best Recycled Product – The Plastics Industry Awards 2017

This year’s Plastic Industry Awards Winner for Best Recycled Product! Now in its 17th year the Plastics Industry Awards have established themselves as the forum for recognising and rewarding excellence in an increasingly competitive market. Held annually in London this accolade is dedicated to rewarding innovation and exceptional performance. The Plastics Industry Awards acknowledge the best companies and the best …

Adrian Griffiths interviewed by Marie Lennon on BBC Radio Wiltshire

Adrian Griffiths was interviewed by Marie Lennon on BBC Radio Wiltshire on the morning of the 25th of October in a program where Marie was asking her audience “What stops you from recycling?” Adrian and Marie also discussed the possibilities of future legislation that could see a deposit return scheme implemented by the government, whilst Adrian explained what the RT7000 …

No need for plastic to be on the menu

“There is no need for plastic to be on the menu” Prince Charles said recently referring to the plastics in the ocean that are ingested by fish caught for our dinner tables. The need to find a solution to recycle more plastic continues to attract considerable public debate and scrutiny. Read the full article here.

The Chinese blockage in the global waste disposal system

The Bureau of International Recycling China estimates that China last year imported 7.3 million tonnes of plastic scrap from Europe, Japan and USA, and 27 million tonnes of waste paper. … One answer to tackling the global oversupply of low quality waste is the development of new technologies. Recycling Technologies has developed a method of recycling the most unappetising mix …

Recycling Technologies’ Adrian Griffiths attended RECOUP Annual Conference

Consumer and producer responsibility, increasing quality and quantity of collected material, creating demand through recycled content and innovative thinking were all part of the discussion for the record numbers attending the RECOUP annual conference. Alongside this, new editions of the RECOUP Recyclability by Design and UK Household Plastics Collection Survey were also launched. Read the full article here. This article …

Turning the Tide on Waste Plastic

The predictions for plastic waste are bleak. According to ‘The New Plastics Economy’ published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2016, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans. Ravish Jain, Commercial Operations Manager, Recycling Technologies, attended the Unreasonable Impact World Forum to outline a solution to the global challenge of plastic …